During Swedish massage, massage therapists apply massage oil to your skin to facilitate various massage strokes, including the smooth, gliding strokes called effleurage. Other classic Swedish massage moves include kneading, friction, stretching and (sometimes) tapping. Swedish massage promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and creates other health benefits. It can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing, depending on what the therapist wants to achieve. Feel free to state your preference for pressure during Swedish massage. It can range from light to firm. Swedish massage usually includes some deeper work on areas of specific muscle tension. 

To connect spirit to this massage, Naomi includes Reiki, reflexology, Asian body and energy work to enhance and reintegrate the spirit to the body.  Spiritual Swedish massage is an integration of mind, body and spirit.  When a person experiences stress, grief, illness, one tends to separate and compartmentalize their experience to ease the situation. However, this can only complicate the experience and will make it impossible to get to the source of spiritual and/or physical pain that we all experience in the human condition.  To integrate, Naomi brings all experiences together to reconnect to the body and allowing healing throughout.  This particular massage is more of a meditative experience, allowing the flow of blood, tears, feelings to come together and with that, the actual session tends to last longer than a day but bring a more permanent state of well-being.  



Guidance during one of the most stressful times of one’s life is essential. Grieving is as natural as breathing and yet with our grief, there tends to be judgement and second guessing that leads to more and more stress on the body and more importantly on the spirit.  

Grieving is part of who we are, we grieve. If we have loved, we grieve.  If we have fought hard for a job and lost it, we grieve.  If we have held something special in meaning and we lose it, we grieve.

Along with the natural process of grieving unfortunately comes shame.  We are shamed if we, according to others, have grieved for too long or not in the way another would grieve.  We are shamed if our support system thinks something or someone does not deserve to be grieved, such as a divorce or anything, or anyone we needed to let go of, let go.

Complicated grief takes place when we are not given the space to grieve as we choose.  To be guided down this path is as essential to our well-being as water is to our survival.  When we are not given the time and space to grieve, disease or dis-ease occurs in the body.

Grief in some cultures is believed to be a given right and honors the grieving without time limit or “how to” restraints.  Stages of grief, while they do exist, is not as simplistic as one might believe.  You can flow from one stage to the other and back again at any given moment. You have a right to your grief, it is part of the human condition and if we could grieve without judgement, perhaps the stress that is caused by grief can become less and less and healing can truly take place.

Naomi has experienced deep and complicated grief and with that has researched, studied the quintessential value in grieving.  Grieving is an individual process and no two people grieve alike. Naomi gives a safe environment and educated ear to the grieving person without judgement.  To be “coached” or guided through this most difficult process helps an individual come back into their body, express and begin to feel alive and even joy again. 

RE-MEMBER-ING:  This is a process where we find out exactly how the loved one we lost can still be a part of who we are today, become a member of our lives, whether through talking about them, feeling their presence or how we choose to include them as part of our every day lives.

Important to note:  Naomi is not a grief therapist but has the skills to acknowledge when an individual would need to seek out a qualified therapist to help aid in the grief process.  If you have experienced a loss, whether it be to death, divorce, loss of a job or loss of any kind, do not hesitate to reach out to see exactly how Naomi can be of service.



Naomi Wolf is a certified grief massage therapist.  What is grief massage?  A gentle form of massage utilizing different modalities to open channels (much like acupuncture) where stored grief might live in the body.  Specialties such as reflexology, Reiki, energy healing and gentle massage are meant to bring comfort and compassion to the grieving.  If you find yourself “stuck” in grief or even fear of an impending loss, this particular therapy can be incredibly helpful.

Special note:

If you have lost someone to suicide/drug overdose or living in constant stress and fear of it potentially happening Naomi can help guide you on this path that seems never-ending.  These particular losses, are always complicated and grief coaching and massage can be an asset to healing along with utilizing a grief therapist and group support.

“ We are all walking each other home”

I, Naomi, as a griever, have heard “time will heal, at least they are in a good place now, without any more pain”.   Though people mean well when they say these things to the grieving, it does not necessarily help.  What does help?  To go into the grief, the pain, the memory in a safe environment again without judgement or rushing the process and to allow yourself to feel, deeply, grieve deeply and eventually light shines, hope returns and soon even joy comes back with genuine laughter as the heart begins to heal. The cracks of a broken heart remain but are filled with the memories to make your life a more creative one, more patient one, more understanding of how precious this life truly is.

You are not alone and I welcome you to my practice where we can find a way together to mend our beautiful and yet broken heart.



Massage in and of itself helps release chemicals in the brain, very similar to that of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication, without the side effects.  The only side effect from massage is relaxation and peace.  While there is a place for medication as western and eastern healing can crossover at times and is necessary, massage can aid in the hope of decreasing medication and feeling alive again. To be still, to allow touch to help heal the wounds of the mind and the spirit is just as important as any medication, perhaps even more important. Touch therapy for wounded minds and spirit can help reintegrate self and become whole again, one compassionate moment and touch at a time.

In light, peace and hope… we begin

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