Naomi Wolf, LMT

Naomi Wolf is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Certified in Grief Massage and Asian Body work. Graduated from New York College of Health Professionals with an Associate Degree in Occupational studies. She also holds certifications in Reflexology, Reiki, Deep tissue and palliative care for the critically and chronically ill. Naomi’s passion for body work has manifested in creating a full body, deep integrative healing experience. Naomi creates a fusion of each of her specialties, guided by the individual needs of her clients, allowing for a complete Holistic experience, always with an intuitive sense, combining the physical, emotional and spiritual essence of massage, exhalation and culminating in rejoining, body, mind and spirit.

Having been touched herself by a life-threatening illness, Naomi understands the deeper sense of life’s urgency, the need for touch, circulatory warmth, immune enhancement, and spiritual grounding.

Naomi, has experienced deep and complicated grief first hand and is now offering grief massage in her practice. After personally experiencing the effects that grief can have on the body, mind and soul she has incorporated unique techniques to help alleviate some of the symptoms and welcomes all who are experiencing this hardship to come to this safe haven and exhale, even just for a moment of relief.

To help further, Naomi has studied with Creative Grief Coaching network and brings this to her practice, to help guide those who are grieving.  Grief, as we know it, causes a multitude of ailments, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Naomi helps guide you through all the different moments that grief brings each and every one of us through.   The grief process is an individual journey and to honor that journey it is always welcoming to have someone to help guide, to be able to just BE with, without judgement but filled with compassion.

Loss shows up in many forms, whether through a death of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a home, a spouse through divorce, loss of identify due to illness and so many other forms.  In the end, it is a loss and at this point, to know you are not alone has shown to be the most important thing.

In Peace, Health and Light…..We begin.

Joining Wolf Garden practice is Eve Wolf, certified yoga therapist and ayurvedic nutritionist

We welcome you to our practice and we are honored to join you on your journey to a more peaceful, healthy and mindful state of well-being!

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